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Essential oils for better sleep

Self-Care & WellnessEssential oils for better sleep

Essential oils for sleep have been used since the beginning of time to naturally and effectively treat sleep disorders, along with an endless list of other ailments.
How Do Essential Oils Improve Sleep?
Sleep-inducing essential oils can help you relax by regulating hormones, slowing down your pulse, lowering your blood pressure, and soothing your nerves. These oils could even reduce sleep disorder symptoms, like insomnia. Once inhaled, sleep-inducing essential oils may decrease alertness and help you fall asleep faster.
What Essential Oils are Good for Sleep?
Specific types of essential oils are aimed to help you sleep better by relaxing tense muscles and reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. You may find it impossible to fall asleep when you’re stressed about work or social events. Essential oils can help you wind down and fall asleep.

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